The Instagram Interview: Natalie Lee From Style Me Sunday Talks Motherhood

The Instagram Interview: Natalie Lee From Style Me Sunday Talks Motherhood

From midwife to mother to fashion influencer on instagram...

The Instagram Interview: Natalie Lee From Style Me Sunday Talks Motherhood

Every so often we discover someone amazing, like Natalie Lee, aka Style Me Sunday. We discovered Natalie via Instagram and soon fell in love with her fashion sense and her life philosophy. A mother, a midwife, a blogger and something of a fashion icon in the making, as well as having a huge instagram following and fashion collection, Natalie has a huge heart, and has recently launched her Warrior Woman project. It’s all about making women celebrate their triumphs, accept their flaws and turn their vulnerabilities into their superpowers. And we think it’s amazing.

We caught up with Natalie for 5 minutes to discover more.

You're a mum, a midwife, a blogger, a fashion icon and an influencer, but how would you describe yourself?

Oh gosh that's a tough one. I think us women are notoriously bad at describing ourselves. So much of our identity is tied up in being a mum and our work. My work is so varied that I struggle to define it. At the moment I'm on my way to a casting for 'yummy mummies' to work on an advertising campaign for a big brand. But ultimately I'm a mum who is also juggling running my own business. 

What is your blog Style Me Sunday all about?

My blog is essentially about fashion for mums, but more recently it is also about empowering mums to feel confidence and good about themselves again. Often motherhood can be lonely especially in the early days and your self-esteem can be seriously dented. I'm encouraging women to not be so hard on themselves and celebrate the small victories. This new direction is my Warrior Woman Project which is going really well, and I'm getting just as much out of it as other people are. 

What makes you feel vulnerable?

Loads of things make me feel vulnerable, I have a wobble every now and again, but I know how to pull myself out of it and not let it fester. I think my ability, as a mother is my biggest vulnerability, because I feel so much pressure to get it right. It's the most important thing I'll ever do. 

How has the Warrior Woman project made you feel differently?

It's really given me purpose. The blog was great, but I feel a new level of passion for it now. I also feel like I should practise what I preach, so that has had a great impact on my confidence too.

How can people get involved in the project?

The best way is to follow me on Instagram, I will be announcing my third project shortly, and it's going to be mega! 

If you had to summarise your approach to motherhood in 5 words...

Nurturing, protecting, loving, guiding, and fun! 

What do you love most about being a mum?

The cuddles, I love cuddles and kisses, my primary language of love. 

What do you find most challenging about motherhood?

The mood swings, and the fact that they often don't listen to me. I repay myself a lot. This morning I think I asked my daughter to put her coat on at least 10 times. 

What is your idea of the perfect mumday?

Being pampered. I'm a big fan of massages, reflexology and reiki.

Head to Instagram @StyleMeSunday to follow Natalie and get involved in the Warrior Woman project. Her blog can be found here.

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