Our Story

Our story

Mums need nurturing too

When I first had the idea for mumdays I was feeling completely fried after 6 months of sleepless nights with my baby twins.

It was a rude awakening to just how big a job it is to be a mum and my craving for some TLC and time off was something that was echoed by all the mothers I met, no matter how old their children were. We all just wanted a day off. Or if not a day, at least a slice of time for ourselves. The seed of an idea was planted and since then it has blossomed into the gifting site you see before you.

Through mumdays I want to find a way to bring a sense of happiness and appreciation into the lives of busy mums, whether they are treating themselves or being treated by someone who cares about them. So much of being a mum means looking after others and putting your needs last.

With mumdays I want to provide gifts that give some much needed time out and pampering, while making experience gifting practical (most of our partners deliver their services direct to your door) and make it feel special too, with our beautiful packaging.

I’ve also put together an expert panel of mums, our Mum Knows Best Panel to test all our partners to ensure everything we sell on mumdays is completely mum-approved.

My Story

Finding out I was pregnant with twins was the best surprise of my life but nothing can prepare you for being thrown into the deep end of parenting. I was catapulted from being me to suddenly having two babies to look after, far away from any family, and while I love being in the ‘mum club’, that’s not to say that it doesn’t feel overwhelming and lonely at times.

Having twins meant I had no time to do anything but survive each day. Showering, eating, sleeping? I didn’t have time to look after myself.

At first I struggled to admit that I missed having time to do the things that used to be important to me. Is it OK to want a break from your children for an hour or so? As my twins have grown, I’ve realised that it is OK.

It’s OK to want to be you as well as the mother of your children. In fact I really believe that having quality time to yourself can help make you a happier mum. And happy mums mean happy children.

Every day is a mumday

Mums are incredible people; they give and give and give. Really there’s nothing in this world that can truly show just how much these women mean to us, but at mumdays we’ve put together mum-approved gifts and services that can make the mums in your life feel special and realise just how much you care.

I spent a long time making our packaging feel luxurious and thoughtful for our Combination and Subscription gifts, because giving time off should feel like something of value. Time is precious after all.

Mumdays is not just for gifting though, it’s also here so mums can have an excuse to treat themselves. We never show as much kindness to ourselves as we show others, but mums deserve to give themselves some time out.

Our mumdays Moments e-vouchers are perfect instant gifts or rewards to self - for working flat out at this mum thing and for always getting on with the job.

I really hope you like what we’re doing and hope you enjoy what you find.

Ursula Xx