The Mum Knows Best Panel

Our Mum Knows Best Panel

Mum approved and made to please

At mumdays we understand that your time is precious, especially when you're a mum with hundreds of things to prioritise.

That’s why we make sure all our experiences and services are mum approved. Our expert Mum Knows Best Panel approve the partners we work with and the experiences we sell.

This means you won't be purchasing something with baited breath, hoping that it’s going to please.

Our Mum Knows Best Panel has already put our partners through their paces.

Who are the Mum Knows Best Panelists?

We put together our Mum Knows Best Panel with a lot of care. Our panelists are all devoted, multi-talented mums that inspire us daily.

They know exactly what life is like while raising a family and know quality when they see it.

These mums have tried and tested our partners and experiences and like us, believe that mums are real life VIPS.

Introducing our panelists: