Happy Mother’s Day! 10 Ways To Make Mums Feel Special

Happy Mother's Day! 10 Ways To Make Mums Feel Special

Make sure she has a 'Happy Mother's Day' every day!

Happy Mother's Day! 10 Ways To Make Mums Feel Special

How To Make it A Very Happy Mother’s Day

Looking for ideas for how to make sure she has a Happy Mother's Day? From special messages to unique ways to make her feel appreciated, here's how to make sure she has a really Happy Mother's Day. (Or any day when you want to show her how much you care.)

10 Ways To Make Her Feel Special On Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the chance we all take to appreciate everything the mums in our lives do. Whether it’s your own mother, your grandmother, your wife or partner, the chances are their role as a mum makes them a real VIP in your family.

So what can you do to make sure that they have a Happy Mother’s Day rather than an average Mother’s Day? At mumdays we believe everyday is the perfect opportunity to show her just how special she is, so we’ve rounded up ten perfect ways to make it a Happy Mother’s Day to remember.

Make it personal

A hand written card with a special message is on the top of every mum’s wish list for Mother’s Day (in fact we’d love one every single day!), as are handmade cards. Taking the time to write a heartfelt message thanking her for everything she does will really go a long way in making her feel appreciated.

We know it’s hard to put down in words just how much she means to you, which is why we’ve come up with message suggestions here.

Let the woman sleep!

Sleep is the magic word for most mums. NO matter whether they’re pregnant, have a three year old or a thirty year old, there have been a lot of occasions where she simply has had to sacrifice her own Zzzs to see to everyone else’s night time dramas. Find a way to make sure she gets a decent kip – no excuses – and allow her that luxury all mums crave – a deliciously long lie in followed by cuddles and breakfast in bed! (With those all important handwritten cards!)

Give her some me time

One of the things mums never have enough of is me-time. You know, quality, relaxation where they can put their feet up and do whatever they want, especially if she has young children. No matter what age her children are, one thing is the same for every mum; they’re always looking after everybody else.

So why not gift her a mumday to ensure she puts aside some time for a massage, a manicure or even gift her some Help At Home so she has more time to do the things she loves?

Send a surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Surprising your mum on Mother’s Day is a genius way to make her feel extra special. Live far away? Why not turn up unexpectedly on her doorstep with a bunch of flowers and her favourite wine/perfume/chocolate in hand?

If you can’t make it to her in person, why not send her a pack of notes that she can open at different times in the day on Mother’s Day? A letter for her to open at breakfast, one for lunch time, one for the afternoon and some for the evening? Honestly, words and thought go a lot further than you may think.

Keep it clean

Every mum we know always feels happy the endless cleaning is taken care of.

Simply giving the house a once over, putting those dishes away, washing the windows or helping tidy up the garden can all speak volumes to show a busy mum you care about all the daily kindnesses she does without complaint (well, mostly!).

Start a mystery adventure

If you’re self professed ‘rubbish at gifts’ then why not give her permission to go on an adventure day with you where you can discover someplace new together? You can have a set budget and can spend the day together - which really is the best thing of all.

Mums are there by our sides on all our adventures so why not give her one as well? You could try anything from a National Trust place she’s not visited to the latest blow dry bar or new eatery that’s just opened up. Make it into an adventure by keeping her guessing until the last minute!

Give her a hug

It sounds obvious and we really shouldn’t have to say it, but mums want hugs. On Mother’s Day and any other day of the year, there’s nothing she wants more than a decent bear hug, a kiss on the cheek and a ‘Love you mum’ in her ear.

Find her favourite things

And put them all together; her favourite movie, snack, tipple, shampoo, perfume, jewellery brand and package them into a homemade hamper that no one else in the world could think of but you.

Be nice

Family life can certainly have it’s ups and downs so if you’re setting out to make it a Happy Mother’s Day it goes without saying that everyone should be on their best behaviour. No drama please!

Make a Memory

Is anything more precious than the chance to make a new memory together? Whatever you do on Mother’s Day make it memorable and why not print a picture from your day?

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